XXXTentacion Fans Call Out Team for Going Live on His Instagram

XXXTentacion’s team is receiving backlash for using the deceased rapper’s memorialized Instagram account.

On Thursday (Oct. 15), XXXTentacion’s memorialized Instagram account was used to go live on the social media platform. While on the livestream, Cleopatra Bernard, who is X’s mother, used her son’s account to promote his music video for “Chase / Glass Shards,” which features Ikabodveins. The song appeared on X’s posthumous album Bad Vibes Forever. Cleo currently manages Ikabodveins

In the music video Ikabod Vein’s performs at a concert while levitating over the crowd. As XXXtenatcion’s verse begins Vein’s lipsyncs his verses while images of X flash in and out of frame.

The account, which only has one picture from May 2018, appears to have been unused for months before this incident.

“XXXTENTACION’s label went on live through his Instagram page to promote another artist’s music video. This is disgusting however you wanna look at it,” one Twiter user wrote.

While another blamed the rapper’s mother directly, calling her out for exploiting her son. “xxxtentacion’s mom needs to be in jail.”

Since XXXTentacion’s murder in 2018, Cleo has been accused of using her son’s fame and fortune to benefit herself. Back in 2019, while promoting his final studio album, Bad Vibes Forever, the 2017 XXL Freshman’s team including his mother came under fire for allowing the car the “Look At Me” rapper was killed in to be displayed in a museum to help promote the project. She has also been sued by XXXTentacion’s half brother for allegedly transferring over $11 million in assets to herself, that was allocated to him.
Check out the other fan reactions to X’s Instagram account being used below.


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