Pop Smoke’s Family & Steven Victor Give Update On New Music Releases

Download Pop Smoke’s Family & Steven Victor Give Update On New Music Releases

Steven Victor, the man who signed Pop Smoke, along with the late rapper’s family announced their plans to release new posthumous music.

Pop Smoke’s family and manager, Steven Victor, made a joint statement on Wednesday announcing that they’ll be releasing new music from the late artist throughout the next year. It’s been almost three months since the world lost such a promising young talent, after a fatal shooting resulted in the 21-year-old’s untimely death.

While fans have been mourning his loss in the months following his passing, they were treated to a few posthumous releases, including the single, “How We Move,” featuring Dave East. There is also currently a whole posthumous album in the works with the help of 50 Cent and Steven Victor, the owner of Victor Victor label who helped launch Pop’s career.

On Wednesday, Steven shared an official statement from himself and Pop’s family on Instagram, giving an update on all future Pop Smoke releases.

“Bashar ‘Pop Smoke’ Jackson – so genuine, bright, loving, and so full of promise,” the message reads. “A rare soul, wise beyond his years whose smile, voice, mere presence would brighten the room. He was all the things one could hope for in an artist, friend, leader, and partner. Pop’s passing leaves us all broken hearted with a wound that will never heal.”

“The public show of support and grief, by everyone touched by Pop during his lifetime, has provided some semblance of comfort during these difficult times for his family, friends, and colleagues,” the statement continues. “Throughout the next year we will be sharing new music, as we continue to build Pop’s legacy. In conjunction with his estate we will be making formal announcements on his foundation and music projects.”

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