Lara Asprey And Juan Custodio Are Expecting A Baby Boy

Download Lara Asprey And Juan Custodio Are Expecting A Baby Boy

The dating and relationship expert – who previously worked to help Prince Harry find a bride before he met Duchess Meghan – has revealed that she and her husband will welcome a brother for their three-year-old daughter Elise in 2021.

Lara exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I know lockdown has been very difficult for many but a lot of positives have come out of it for us and my husband and I are delighted to be expecting a beautiful baby boy in January 2021.

”Lockdown has certainly brought us closer together and made us all appreciate the importance of family.

”It’s been horrendous for me to hear that a lot of families during lockdown haven’t been able to cope but I know that there are some great organisations out there willing to help work through family problems, addictions and domestic abuse.

”Without family we haven’t really got anything.”

Lara – who founded The Love Company, an exclusive dating agency for aristocracy and the international jet-set, in 2014 and starred in the W channel’s reality TV show ‘The Ultimate Matchmaker’ – previously revealed that she had ”put the feelers out” to help Harry, 35 find a wife, before he met and fell in love with Meghan, 39.

She said: ”I did put the feelers out to see if we could help him. We have friends in common and had lots of people for him. Then he was introduced to Meghan. Someone else got there first.

”I would not have necessarily picked her as perfect for Harry so it just goes to show that chemistry is unpredictable. Had I met her I’d have seen it because they’re great together.”

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