Laporta Will Run For Barcelona President

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It was an open secret and, although it’s still not official, it’s unofficially official. The programme ‘Què T’hi Jugues’ of ‘Cadena SER’ said it on Thursday.

He joins the opposition, without there being a ‘continuist’ candidate yet.

The return of Joan Laporta to the Barcelona presidency is a step closer to being a reality. The ex-chief still hasn’t confirmed it, but several media sources already take it for granted.

Namely, the programme ‘Què T’hi Jugues’ of ‘Cadena SER’ has assured that it will soon be official. Laporta, who already was president between 2003 and 2010, will run again in March.

There are now five pre-candidates. Four are official (Víctor Font, Lluís Fernández Alá, Agustí Benedito and Jordi Farré), and the other, Laporta, will be so soon. In the 2015 elections, which Josep Maria Bartomeu won, Laporta was second with 15.615 votes.

The candidacy of Laporta comes at a moment of internal crisis at Barcelona, aggravated by the ‘Messi case’, which was the detonator of the collection of signatures to provoke a vote of no confidence in the current board, led by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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