Famous Dex Calls Out Lil Reese, Jokes About Him Getting Jumped

The beef between Famous Dex and Lil Reese is getting intense.

On Monday (Sept. 14), Famous Dex brought the animosity between himself and Lil Reese to social media in an Instagram Live video bringing up the past video where the rapper was jumped and allegedly defecated on himself.

“Aye, Lil Reese, them boys made you shit on yourself, boy, you better be cool, you bitch ass little boy, you faggot ass nigga,” Dex starts in the Instagram video.

Dex then claims he and Reese were in close vicinity of each other, but Reese opted to take his beef elsewhere instead of speaking to Dex directly.

“You just saw me over there when I was shooting dice with your bitch ass and you didn’t say nothing. Stop going to the internet, boy. Stop doing all that. Now I’ma say your name cause you keep saying all that. You’s a bitch, Lil Reese. You’s a real-life hoe. On my son, like you shit on yourself. Niggas made you shit on yourself. Stop playing with me, bro. You’s a bitch.”

As the “Pick It Up” rapper continues, Dex goes on to question why the Chicago native is speaking about him, “why you stay saying my name bro, what’s up, bro?” He then goes on to once more speak about Reese’s silence while in his presence. “You wasn’t saying none of that shit when we was just shooting dice with you.”

Following the video making its rounds on the internet, Lil Reese responded to Famous Dex’s comments writing, “this coke head crack head ass nigga must be gettin paid from 69,” on Twitter.

Reese has yet to respond any further to Dex outside of Twitter.

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