BBC Buys Anna Kendrick Comedy Love Life

Download BBC Buys Anna Kendrick Comedy Love Life

The BBC has bought the romantic comedy anthology series Love Life, starring Anna Kendrick. The ten-part series, which first aired on HBO Max in the US, will be broadcast on BBC One soon.

It tells the story of a woman’s romantic entanglements, with each half-hour episode tells the story of a different relationship.

Kendrick takes the lead role of Darby, alongside co-stars Zoe Chao, Peter Vack, and Sasha Compere. The series is narrated by Mum’s Lesley Manville.

The show received a muted response from critics when it  launched in May. But it has performed well with audiences and has been renewed for a second season, to revolve around a different character.

Sue Deeks, the BBC’s head of programme acquisitions, says: ‘Love Life is so engaging and relatable – I am sure BBC viewers will really enjoy witnessing all the romantic experiences the characters go through in the series.’

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