Barcelona To Start Champions League Campaign Behind Closed Doors

Download Barcelona To Start Champions League Campaign Behind Closed Doors

Barcelona announced in an official statement that they are working with the Government of Catalonia with a view to how the vote on the vote of no-confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu and the upcoming matches will take place at the Camp Nou. The first conclusion is that the match against Ferencvaros will be played behind closed doors.

It is official. Barcelona’s first Champions League match of the season, Koeman’s European debut on the sidelines, will be without behind closed doors. The club itself confirmed this, although everyone saw it coming, in an official statement in which it announced that it is working with the Catalan government on all issues surrounding COVID-19.

The match will be played without fans because, by then, the committee formed by the Catalan Government and the Spanish Football Association will still not have produced any conclusions as to whether it is viable for the fans to return to stadiums. It will do so later.

Reunión con la Generalitat para abordar la presencia de público en las instalaciones deportivas del Club y la celebración del voto de censura

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_es) October 16, 2020

“Taking into account that the work of analysing and validating these protocols will take a few days and in the current epidemiological context, with the Champions League match scheduled for next Tuesday, October 20, which will pit FC Barcelona against Ferencvaros, the presence of the public will not be allowed. Next week, the Palau Blaugrana will not be open to the public either”, reads the statement.

This line of action is coordinated between Barcelona and the government and follows the guidelines provided by UEFA in its latest official report. The organisation announced that it will allow fans to return to the stadiums provided that the local authorities agree.

The club also informed that, at the meeting, work will be done on how to carry out the vote of no confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu. Leadership close to the president wants to extend the deadline to delay any failure, but the referendum is scheduled for 1 and 2 November.

“The aim of this committee will be to analyse and ratify the protocols drawn up by the club to allow the public to attend both the Camp Nou and the Palau Blaugrana, as well as the protocols associated with the vote of no confidence and the appropriateness of the planned dates, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation,” explained the press release.

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